Peppermint Essential Oil: Profile of a Powerful Plant


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” (Confucius)

by Sharon Quercioli

Mention peppermint and many people instantly think of candy canes or those delightful after-dinner mints, but peppermint is (as many of you know) a powerful essential oil. In fact, peppermint is one of my Top 5 MUST HAVE essential oils. I always have 3 bottles, one for my purse, one next to my bed and one in the kitchen because peppermint is wonderful for lots of things  ̶  but headaches, nausea and hot flashes are my favorite uses.peppermintoil_plant

Peppermint is one oil I use all the time for nausea. I get nausea when I go too long without eating, or if I get migraines or motion sickness. Peppermint stops it PRONTO! I just put a drop on my tongue. You can also rub a bit on your tummy. You can also mix peppermint oil and lavender and rub on your tummy. This too works wonders for nausea or cramps.

For headaches, I put a couple drops on my fingers and rub the back of my neck, temples, then cup your hands and breathe the remaining oil for about one minute. I use it this same exact way for my hot flashes, and it works amazingly!

Peppermint water is so refreshing. You can add whatever oil you prefer. Lemon or grapefruit are other oils I like occasionally. Always use glass cups or bottles whenever you are using essential oils in the water. Essential oils break down petrochemicals in the plastic. You don’t want to ingest those toxins from the plastic.

Peppermint is very energizing. There are many ways to use it for mint-in-handsenergy. You can inhale it, drink it in water, rub a drop on your thumbs or big toes (brain points) or put a drop on your tongue. Try this little energizing technique: Put a drop on your tongue, then touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then suck air like you are sucking through a straw. That is soooo energizing. I love it.

Another great thing about using peppermint oil for energy is that there are no calories or carbs in a drop of peppermint. It is much healthier than the energy drinks out there! Incidentally, I use peppermint in water if I ate a meal that didn’t agree with me or when I get that after-meal tiredness.

peppermintPeppermint is also anti-inflammatory and is wonderful to relieve pain. I use it for injuries and arthritis pain. Try putting a drop of peppermint on your finger and rub the side of your nose to relieve a stuffed up nose. (I use for stuffy nose too, but I dilute it with a drop of V-6 mixing oil or coconut oil because it can be very strong!)

Alan Hirsh, M.D., found that peppermint stimulated the brain’s satiety center and was useful in curbing appetite. Peppermint feels wonderful on an exercise-stressed muscles or joints.

Injuries: Apply peppermint oil immediately to bumps and bruises to relieve pain.

Cool off on a Hot Day: Drink a drop of Peppermint oil mixed in a glass of cold water. Sometimes I put a drop on the back of my neck to cool down during hot weather.

images peppermint

Itching: Apply a drop of peppermint oil topically on unbroken skin to stop itching.

Insect Repellent: Add 10 drops of peppermint to a 4 oz. bottle of distilled water. This is my favorite insect repellent for working in the garden. It works wonders to keep the biting Deer Flies off.  I have had no bites while using this simple formula. Be careful not to get any near your eyes. Take the peppermint water and spray where insects enter your house.

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