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Our Wonderful World Media & Entertainment, Inc., “The Art of Living Green,” is a cutting-edge digital publishing company dedicated to helping all of us to live healthier, happier, greener lives that bring us into harmony with each other and our beautiful planet. Every day you’ll find cutting-edge sustainable living ideas along with interesting and helpful information about improving your health, getting fit, refreshing your spirituality, achieving work-life balance and enhancing serenity. Then again, you’ll also get the very latest in energy conservation tips, natural skincare, herbal and organic recipes, upcoming “green” events… and a whole lot more.

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Our Wonderful World Media & Entertainment, Inc. believes that the true measure of our success is the change that we make in helping to protect and nurture our environment, our families and our health.

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Simply Sprouts


Simply Sprouts Recipe Book

Want to learn how to grow delicious sprouts in your own kitchen? How about some great recipes featuring the most nutritious and tasty sprouts? Click here to learn more!



Spoonk Mat

Energize yourself in the morning and unwind in the evening with the Spoonk Mat. Regular use will create the desired level of relaxation in your body that prevents the accumulation of stress and tension. Click here to learn more!





Purely Products

Healthy CFLs are Enery-Star Certified light bulbs with built-in air
purifiers that reduce energy usage and remove particles like mold
spores, dust mites, pet dander and even tobacco smoke from your
home air – all for less than the cost of replacing an air filter! Click here to learn more!