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Bruce Dooley MD White JacketBruce R. Dooley, MD                                             Holistic Health Expert

Dr. Dooley is excited about the healing work he’s doing helping people with chronic health problems and assisting them in functioning naturally, often without the need for prescription medications or surgery. For the past 25 years, he’s been using the latest advances in the field of Integrative Medicine (often called Functional Medicine) to help a wide range of people, from those desiring prevention and more energy to those with the most debilitating illnesses.

Dr. Dooley graduated Pre-Med from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and then earned his master’s degree in Immunology from Villanova University, learning about the body at its deepest, cellular level. In 1980, he received his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. “Jeff” is acknowledged for turning out excellent clinicians, and Dr. Dooley is proud and grateful for this strong foundation in basic medicine and his experiences working in busy, demanding hospital emergency rooms. It came to serve him well.

After building an Emergency Center in Park City, Utah, Dr. Dooley then turned to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and created a successful walk-in urgent care center. For nearly a decade, he treated colds and flus, sutured lacerations, set broken bones, counseled people with cholesterol and weight problems, responded to the drama of chest pains, and offered advice and comfort when life’s stresses literally made patients sick. After treating thousands of patients, the same question kept nagging at him:
WHY are so many people getting sick, and how can I help them PREVENT it?”
No longer was he satisfied with the reactive conventional medical route of providing prescription medications and surgery to patients with chronic illnesses since they don’t CURE the condition, but merely suppress the symptoms. He realized that symptoms such as fatigue and poor vitality are warning signs of a system out of balance, yet nothing from his medical school training—no prescription medication or surgery—would help restore that balance. He began studying with natural healers who used nutrition, chelation of heavy metals, mind-body medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and other healing arts to affect recovery in individuals.

Since then, he’s successfully treated over 30,000 patients using Functional Medicine for conditions such as arteriosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, memory problems, fatigue, intestinal problems, autoimmune disorders and other chronic diseases. Through his new practice on Indiantown Rd. in Jupiter, Dr. Dooley will continue what is his greatest joy—informing people about the great benefits and healing therapies of Functional Medicine as well as Chelation, Preventive and Nutritional Medicine.

For more information about Dr. Dooley’s Advanced Natural Medicine, please visit http://www.drdooley.com/

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