Celebrating Mom: Mother’s Day

by Sharon Quercioli

The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the love of a mother!

Therese of Lisieux

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Mothers are so very special! I wish I had my mother to spend the day with just one more time. It would be so special. This is the woman who taught us that patience pays off and that gratitude is always appreciated. She is the lady who would drop us off at the mall on the weekend and give us a few extra dollars for a snack at the food court. She’s the one who grounded us for lighting the fridge on fire (how on Earth did we ever do that?), but still forgives us later exclaiming it needed to be replaced anyway. She’s that someone who would always fight for our best interests and make sure that we were cared for. She is the one who could make us feel special in a way no one else ever could.


Mom: we all have one. Some of us call her mom or mommy; sometimes we call her aunt or auntie, others might call her grandma or granny, and a few might call her Mrs. So-and-So. Regardless of what you call her, that special lady (or ladies in some cases) means the world to you. She has given you the tools, guidance and love to help shape you into a wonderful person. This Mother’s Day (May 13th), show your mom how grateful you are for all that she has done for you.


Here is a list of green ways to show her how much you care!

  • This Mother’s Day, celebrate her DNA story. Give the gift of a 23andMe DNA kit and Save $20!
  • Instead of taking her out for dinner, go to your local green market to buy supplies to make her dinner. Making dinner is a more heartfelt gesture and you’re using less gas by staying at home! For a list of farmer’s markets in your area, visit localecopia.org/markets.html.
  • Create a poem/work of art out of junk mail and old magazine clippings. It may sound a little hokey, but if you’re creative enough you can make something truly awe inspiring for her wall.
  • Want to give her jewelry? Versus buying something new, visit antique stores and buy her something vintage. Vintage jewelry is still the big fashion trend, and it’s still recycling but on a high-end scale.
  • Clean her house. I can’t think of one mom who wouldn’t appreciate help making her house sparkle. Just make sure you are using a green sustainable clean. Thieves makes a cleaner distributed by Young Living Essential Oils and is one of the best natural cleaners on the market. To find out more, contact Sharon Quercioli at sharon@owwmedia.com.

No matter what you do for you mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you let her know how much you love her.


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