Cactus Water is the New Coconut Water

by Sharon Quercioli

Cactus Water From Leaf

There are always some foods and drinks out on the market, which hipsters and other fad-followers absolutely love. Most of the time, these items appear to just be fashion accessories for fashionistas. However, health-conscious people have found some of them to be wonderful supplements to their diets. For the past few years, that drink has been coconut water. However, this year a different plant-based thirst-quencher is taking over the health food aisle: cactus water.Cactus water has a plethora of the health and beauty benefits of coconut water, but there is a bit more punch behind it.


The taste of cactus water is definitely one of the perks—especially when compared to coconut water. Cactus water is much more fruity and nutty—almost with a hint of berry. This makes it both light and refreshing. I must say, a cool glass of fruity cactus water on a hot day will definitely help quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.

Cactus water is also filled with more antioxidants. It even has betalains, which are known for its anti-inflammatory properties. They keep your skin looking vibrant and young as well. Cactus water comes from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, which is the only type of fruit that has the most betalains (like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous to name a few).

Orange Cactus

It is also known as a way to minimize the effects of a hangover. It’ll help combat all of that nausea and help you with your dry mouth as well. Water and other drinks that keep you hydrated should be at the forefront of your diet when you’re dealing with a hangover. Cactus water doesn’t just help keep you hydrated; it will help maintain and keep your skin’s moisture so that it doesn’t get all dried out.

One of my favorite aspects of cactus water is that it isn’t an empty calorie. If you are going to be drinking something other than water, why drink away your calories for the day? Cactus water has far less sugar and calories than coconut water.

If you lead a fairly average activity level (not an athlete or training for a marathon), cactus water should win over coconut water in terms of caloric intake, taste and vitamins. If you’re just looking to swap out your high calorie drinks (like juices, sodas or other flavored drinks), cactus water is the way to go. It tastes better than coconut water and can help you hydrate your body. If you’re not a big fan but want the health benefits of cactus water (which can also be a bit expensive), drink around two tablespoons three times a day.

Drinking cactus water straight will give you the best health benefits, but, if you want to mix it with something to add a bit more flavor every now and then, it can be mixed with other fruit-based drinks like grapefruit juice. You can also use cactus water in place of regular water in recipes for different types of candies and jellies.

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