Ask The Energy Expert: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Natural Gas

by Scott Ranck

If you are fortunate enough to have natural gas at your home, there are many things you can do with it in addition to the basics of heating water, and cooking and clothes drying. After all, we live in Florida; why not make the most of your outdoor space by enhancing your property with some natural gas features?fireplace

Recently, I’ve toured several of Florida’s finest resorts and noticed they all had something in common. The thought came to me; why not have a resort in my own backyard? Each of the resorts had a natural gas fire pit for their guests. The biggest thing I noticed was that it was a very popular space and difficult to get a seat! Every size and shape imaginable is possible. You can turn it on and off on a whim, enjoy it for as short or long as you like without messing with wood, and you can go back in the house without smelling like smoke.

pool settingYou may also want to add some natural gas tiki torches. They add great atmosphere to any outdoor area. Again, they can be turned on and off conveniently as you wish. Your friends will want to come and hang out with you in your tropical paradise. Tiki torches also come in a variety of styles and will take minimal piping to install.

Finally, outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity recently. If you love to cook on your grill, why not go one step further and create an enviable outdoor space to entertain your family and friends. You may want to combine all these features and enjoy the luxury that natural gas makes possible.outdoor kitchen

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