Ask The Energy Expert: 3 Things You Need To Know About Florida’s Residential Energy Code

by Scott Ranck

For anyone building new homes, interested in new homes or interested in how efficiency impacts your existing home. Florida is one of the national leaders in what is required in new construction energy efficiency. Here are three things you would benefit by knowing.energyeffeciency

  • The Florida Energy Code is updated every three years. The energy code only applies to new construction. Efficiencies continue to become more stringent requiring a tighter, better insulated envelope (walls, windows, ceilings, etc.) The code requires more efficient equipment. Air conditioners, water heaters, and furnaces all are better now than say ten years ago.
  • As a result of #1, a home built today verses a home built in 2000 will be at least 25% more efficient. That is very significant when you are making a choice whether to purchase a newer home or an existing home.
  • There is no Florida Energy Code for existing homes. When buying or selling an existing home in Florida there is no requirement to make any changes to items that impact the energy efficiency or costs of the home.

The new Florida Energy Code is going into effect July 1, 2015 and our new homes will make another jump in efficiency. When purchasing a new or used home in Florida it is in the consumer’s best interest to know what energy code was in effect when the home was built. Buying a home built before or after 2007 could make a significant difference in your energy costs.

For all energy related questions please contact your energy experts at Florida Public Utilities

Scott Ranck is the Conservation Program Coordinator & Energy Specialist for Florida Public Utilities. Feel free to e-mail any energy-related questions or comments to Scott at

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