IF YOU Believe, YOU CAN Fly – by Sean G Cochrane

Sean Cochrane armsAbout the Author

In a horrific accident when he was sixteen-years old, Sean broke thirteen bones in his body, almost lost his left leg and experienced clinical death on the operating table. He had a near-death experience and, while unfamiliar with the term and that there were others who had died and come back, he found that this experience changed him forever. The lessons he learned at sixteen were further hammered home during a very challenging period in his marriage, which ultimately lead to the creation of the guide you are holding. Presented in clear language, this is an alphabetical listing of inspirational topics. Subjects and meditations may be selected and digested easily for maximum efficiency. Sean shares his personal experiences and insight on how to beat impossible odds and achieve a personal best. You, too can soar like an eagle when you spread your mind’s wings and fly.

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