Magnificent Magnolia! Beautiful Tree…Flower…Mood Support


by Sharon Quercioli

The Magnolia Tree is just a beautiful tree. One cannot help but look admiringly upon the deep bronze and rich green colors of its firm, medium-sized leaves and its gorgeous creamy flowers that smell like creamy citrus. As we walk through a variety of gardens, the Magnolia Tree always stands apart in its rich grandeur. Only recently did we discover that its beauty goes just a bit deeper than its looks.


Say Hello to Magnolia Bark Extracts—in a product called Relora© !

A friend of mine who is also a nutritionist shared a secret with me.  When I asked for recommendations for herbs useful in managing stress, he was more than happy to tell me all about a supplement with Magnolia Bark extracts in it to help with periodic stress management.  As it turns out, two extracts from Magnolia Bark have very positive benefits to mood support: Honokiol and Magnolol. These extracts are combined to form the main ingredient in a patented herbal supplement called Relora. (The secondary ingredient in Relora is Phellodendron Amurense, which is also a tree native to the orient and used in Chinese medicine.) Most health food and vitamin shops seem to carry it.

Previously, I had tried Vitamin B supplements, various homeopathic stress formulas and St. John’s Wort. As it turns out, I must have been barking up the wrong tree.

When I first took Relora, I was amazed at how different I felt. Almost immediately after my first dose, there was an overwhelming feeling of calm and relaxation. In fact, I was a bit too relaxed—almost sleepy.  However, over the next day or two, the sleepiness wore off and was replaced by an overall peaceful feeling. Suddenly, I more comfortably coasted through stresses both at home and at work.

Some users have reported that it has helped them to lose weight.  This could especially be the case if the weight gain was triggered by negative stress.

Because of its link to treating anxiety, it is contraindicated with the use of medications for treating depression and other mental health conditions without the prior approval of a physician. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, everyone reacts differently to different things. If you are feeling a reasonable amount of stress and agitation like we all do, you may find that this herbal blend, courtesy of the majestic Magnolia Tree, will work wonders in helping to combat the damaging effects of negative stress. And just maybe you might look on the next Magnolia Tree you see with new appreciation for its gift to us who love its majestic beauty—as well as its bark.

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