How Important Is Your Breath?

By Jamie Gonzalez

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Without food we can live for weeks, without water, only days…without breath humans die in minutes! Respiration gives us vital oxygen and expels toxic carbon dioxide, sustaining all life on earth. When the respiratory system is not functioning well, people may suffer severe effects.

What are our choices for treatment? Antibiotics, steroids, oxygen tanks and rescue inhalers…those suffering from allergies, asthma, sinusitis, ear infections and COPD know the benefits and the troubling side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. People looking for preventative and drug-free methods to feel better are discovering a natural alternative: salt therapy. Practiced for many years abroad in salt caves or mines, salt therapy centers are opening in the United States.


Salt rooms recreate the microclimate of a mine, salt on the walls and floors providing a negative-ion oasis that is relaxing and balancing to over-abundant positive ions. The cool, dry rooms are enhanced by halo generators which grind salt into super-fine particles that penetrate the entire respiratory system. Sit back for 45 minutes, relax, read, nap, and walk out breathing and sleeping better! Salt is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so when inhaled (think: a day on a sailboat) airways open to receive more oxygen and expel mucus, while being cleansed of germs, pollens and pollutants.
Those with sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, ear infections – even COPD and Cystic Fibrosis– are likely to enjoy better breathing and diminished use of steroids and antibiotics. Breathing salt supports the immune system thereby reducing the risk of colds, flu and ear infection, and promotes restful sleep.

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The Salt Suite is a local wellness facility providing salt therapy with a relaxation room for adults and a playroom for children. Please call us at 561-316-3105 with questions and to reserve seats. You’ll experience a boost in wellness the way nature intended!

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