Office Depot Wing Women Go Glamping!

 by Sharon Quercioli 


Glamping. Yep, rain or shine, we were out there eating BBQ & s’mores, hanging out in campers, playing games, drinking our signature cocktail and, most importantly, spending time and enjoying awesome conversations with other Wing Women.


For those of you who couldn’t make the Glamping event, you missed an incredible time! There were tents, beds, games, s’mores, fire ceremony by Karen E. Pfeffer, crystal bowls with Karen Truhon, beautiful singing by Adrianna Foster, prizes, movies and, of course, lots of laughs, great conversations and making connections with other fabulous Wing Women. Big thank you to Mary Wong, Lynn Trauman, Sandra Schlather Sauls, Violet L. Howard and Nicole Richards who worked tirelessly to put together this incredible evening!


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Thank you ladies for all you do!

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