Is There Such a Thing as Non-Toxic Pesticides?

by Eric Gibson

No. That would be an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp or big baby. You can have the words “non-toxic” but you can’t combine them with the word “pesticide.” Any type of non-toxic substance wouldn’t help your pest problem. But most people are misinformed. Pesticides aren’t just synthetic products. A pesticide could also be considered ALL NATURAL. ALL CAPS? YES! ALL NATURAL. It means straight from our beloved planet without any synthetic processing. An example of these all-natural pesticides would be botanical oils extracted from plants. But even though these products are all natural, that doesn’t mean they are non-toxic. Anything can be toxic in high doses. That’s why pest control companies aren’t able to claim “non-toxic treatment.”

garden-pesticideAll Natural Treatments, while not “non-toxic,” can be environmentally friendly. They have a very
short residual life which means, they don’t hang around. This is both bad and good. Good for the environment. Not so good for killing your pests long-term. This gives way to more visits from your pest control professional. So why bother? It all depends upon your goals. If you are looking for pest control that is the safest option for your pets and the environment, then an All Natural Treatment or an IPM Program using minimum and reduced risk products may be what is best for you.

What separates a great pest control company from an average company is the knowledge of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). IPM allows the pest control professional to make an informed decision on which product to apply, where to apply it to, and how to make a proper application.

What most people don’t realize is that pesticides can have a reduced risk when using the proper application processes. In the past, pest control companies would arrive at your home, and, depending upon what pest was giving you issues, would drench the walls and base boards with a spray. IPM pest control companies these days will first inspect your home and identify the pest. Then they will use the best product and application practices that minimize exposure and environmental impact while getting rid of that particular pest.

For example, let’s say you have an issue with Big-Headed Ants. Now the best way to get rid of Big-Headed Ants in your house may be to place baits for the ants outside, leading the trails of ants out of the house, and allowing the ants to bring the bait back to their nests, killing the colony. In this instance, the pest control practice used was an informed one, based upon the proper identification of the pest. The product itself was friendly for the environment and your pets. The product was also applied to a discreet area outside of your home.

When you find a great IPM pest control company to service your home and get rid of the pests in a controlled and informed way, gone are the days of unsafe pesticide practices.

nozzlenolan_logoEric Gibson is the Director of Marketing at Nozzle Nolen, Inc., “King of the Bug Frontier,” serving Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast for three generations. For more information about Nozzle Nolen, please visit

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