Ask The Energy Expert: Bogus Energy Claims

By Scott Ranck

The chart pictured here represents the average energy consumption for a typical Florida Home. I show you this because many people who are selling products often make claims that exaggerate their products ability to save you on energy costs.

FPU OCT story image

As you can see, our largest energy cost in Florida is cooling. Approximately 41% of your electric bill will be your cost to cool your home. Given this fact, how could any product offer to save you 50% on your electric bill? It would be extremely difficult to save you 50% on the portion that is cooling and that would only represent 20% of your overall electricity cost! Water heating is usually between 14-19% depending on the size of your family. A water heater that is 30% more efficient than what you have will save between 4-6% of your total bill. Real energy savings through upgrades are difficult to achieve. Using conservation measures often will save you equally as much money as upgrades to equipment. For example, each degree you adjust your thermostat will cost you between 4-7% of your cooling or heating costs. That can be substantial savings.

So, be careful of bogus energy saving claims. If you are ever in doubt, contact your energy experts at Florida Public Utilities. We are committed to telling you the energy truth!

Banner_FPUScott Ranck is the Conservation Program Coordinator & Energy Specialist

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