“Skeeters” in Jupiter Farms

unnamedby Eric Gibson

To say that Jupiter, Florida is diverse is an understatement. You have the new families settling in the ungated neighborhoods off of Central Boulevard and Loxahatchee River Road. You’ll find clusters of retirees scattered about Tequesta. And don’t forget about the über rich that neighbor Tiger Wood’s mansion on Jupiter Island! But amid all the differences, there is one common ground that breaks through the economic divide in Jupiter: the beach. Whether you’re a surfer or a weekend sunbather, you spend your leisure time at the beach. Everyone in Jupiter is beachy. Everyone except for that group of people who want nothing to do with the beach.

This particular group has traveled to South Florida, leaving behind a woody and isolated southern territory in search for some place similar. They are the people of Jupiter Farms. They know they’re different; they embrace it. When we’re at the beach, they’re running their trucks through the mud at J.W. Corbett State Park. When we visit the local bars and breweries after work, they’re building bon fires in their backyards. And when the rest of us townies seek shelter from the dark clouds and thunderstorms during the summer late-afternoons, the people of Jupiter Farms are hiding from the relentless onslaught of mosquitoes that completely dominate the Farms terrain.

“Why are there so many mosquitoes in Jupiter Farms?” you may ask. Well, mosquitoes hide in bushes and ornamentals during the middle of the day and breed in standing bodies of water around dusk and dawn, making the marshy environment of the Farms an ideal breeding ground for the blood-sucking insects. Though all of us South Floridians experience unpleasant interactions with “skeeters” (Farm-speak) during the summer months, Jupiter Farms residents have it the worst…by far.

But what do any of us do to prevent these insects from literally parasitizing our bodies for a blood meal? Why do we meagerly spray our legs with DEET and call it a day when we know deep down that it doesn’t work? Why do we fall short of eliminating the insects that pose a legitimate threat of spreading disease to our loved ones? (Diseases that include: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and West Nile encephalitis to name a few.) Maybe we just don’t know how! We’ve learned to live with them. But before we just throw in the towel and pull a Lebron James (give up on South Florida after FOUR straight visits to the NBA Finals), maybe we should educate ourselves on some of the very simple measures we can take to control them.

Mosquitoes are extremely hardy unnamed-1and have been known to reproduce in any natural deposit of water in: mines, mountain peaks, polluted water bodies, snow pools and crab holes. The point: mosquitoes are hard to keep from reproducing…unless you eliminate all of the standing bodies of water around your home. This is the only effective DIY measure you can take to eliminate mosquito populations around your home. Is there a spare tire collecting water in your back yard? Drill holes through the bottom. Is there an empty flower vase on your patio that has been collecting rain? Empty it and store it in your garage. If the mosquitoes have no place to breed, there will soon be no more mosquitoes!

As with all household insect issues, calling a pest control company to come out and inspect is always a serious option. One of the measures a pest control company can take to eliminate mosquitoes around your home is to apply lawn and ornamental treatments to mosquito resting areas. This will help to eliminate the adult mosquitoes that are resting during the day, but that’s only half of the battle. Making sure that the mosquito eggs and larvae around your home don’t develop is the other half.

Pest control companies can solve the other half of that equation by treating your ponds and lakes with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). An IGR is safe for the environment and surrounding wildlife as it’s not a toxin. It stunts the growth of the baby mosquitoes, keeping them from growing into adults and reproducing.

Regardless of whether you do it yourself, or if you have a pest control company apply product and IGR’s, it’s always best to have a professional inspect your property. So, if you live in Jupiter Farms and you’re dying to get back out there in the mud, take action! Get rid of those pesky “skeeters” for good.

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