Life’s Better Salty

by Bobbi Gonzalez

Ah summer…. The season when the air is warmer, and the drinks are a little bit colder. The only time of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to be in your bikini all the time. If you live near an ocean like I do, then you know how refreshing it is to take a dip in the cool blue water after a hot day on the sand. There’s no better feeling! As if you needed any more convincing to take a dip in the ocean, we’ve gathered a few amazing reasons why saltwater is an added benefit to the enjoyment of summer.

IMG_2406Ditch Your Dry and Itchy Skin

Although it may seem like the ocean water drying out your skin is a bad thing, it’s actually really good for you! Sea salt has great healing properties, and a dip in the ocean helps relieve dry and itchy skin, as well as benefit more serious conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The healthy clean skin is left behind after the salt water dries out the itchiness and irritation. It does this by opening up the pores, improving circulation and naturally hydrating your tissues. The insect bites and itchiness literally seep out of your pores!

Get Rid of Acne

Ever wonder why your skin is clearer, smoother and softer after coming from a beach vacation? Besides the help from Vitamin D that the sun provides, salt water gives its helping hand in your acne-free face. Salt water opens up your pores by removing dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and any other toxins that may be lingering. The high salt concentration kills bacteria and dissolves any oils clogged in your pores. Next time you feel a breakout coming, give your face a nice cleansing from the ocean.

Shampoo Your Hair Naturally

I know you may think swimming in the ocean isn’t great for your hair, but the benefits may just surprise you. Although your hair may seen dry and knotty after a swim in the ocean, seat salt acts as a natural shampoo. Sea salt gets rid of any oils and buildup from your scalp while adding volume to your locks. Is your hair damaged and have dandruff? Believe it or not, the ocean can cure that too! Sea salt loosens dandruff flakes and provides you with fresh skin on your scalp. The 26 minerals found in seat salt repair any damages while providing shine and locking in moisture.

IMG_4641Healing Powers

As you couldn’t already tell, the ocean provides some really awesome and natural benefits! It’s not just the salt that provides the healing. The algae and seaweed found within the salty waves are also rich with nourishing minerals. Disinfecting cuts, relieving muscular tension and exfoliating dead skin are just some of the many healing properties. Something as simple as a common cold can be cured from the ocean. Doctors commonly use saltwater to clear built-up mucus from the nostrils; a dip in the ocean acts much the same way.

Fortunately, for me I live near the ocean and am able to harness its benefits anytime I want. For those of you who don’t live near a beach, you can make your own ocean at home and still attain all the same benefits. By mixing a half-cup of Epsom Salt, a half-cup of Sea Salt and a few drops of algae and seaweed essential oils, you can create a relaxing beach day right in your own bathroom!

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