Spring Thaw and Toxic Mold

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by Sharon Quercioli

Spring is upon us! Sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like it here in Florida, but I am assured it truly is spring. In Ohio, where I am from, the dogs don’t want to come inside, the horses are playing and running in the cool wind, birds are chirping outside and the outdoor cats are lounging in the sun. At the same time, I know that a lot of folks are suffering from all sorts of allergies and odd symptoms.

Warming temperatures and humidity feed mold growth, with mold spores gaining access to the air we breathe. Molds have been linked to many health symptoms, including allergies, headaches, chronic colds, coughs, flu-like symptoms, seizures, tremors and more. Humans and animals react (sometimes severely) to molds and fungi in the environment. I have known many people who have been hospitalized with severe reactions to molds growing in their home. There are many, many forms of mold and fungus, and a select group of mold has been labeled as Toxic Mold.

Traditionally, if you have a mold problem, it is often recommended that you rip out walls, spray toxic chemicals everywhere, then honestly — pray that it is gone. However, it is very unlikely that your mold problem is truly gone. So, you know me well enough by now, that if I am writing about toxic mold I probably have some natural remedy for you! Bravo! You are RIGHT!

flower-yellowAnswer this question… How have plants on this earth survived for millions of years? Let’s just say a lot of them! Why? They have their own self defenses, called essential oils. These oils act like the blood in our body, which has components that fight bacteria, viruses, and you guessed it — molds. If plants succumbed to mold growth, they would die out very quickly. So, plants evolved effective ways to defend themselves against the molds of our planet. The most powerful defenses of a plant are the essential oils that it creates. This is why essential oils are so important! They come from nature and carry the intelligence and power of nature within them. No pharmaceutical or chemical company can claim that! Mother Nature did NOT make 409, and the intelligence of the vast universe will never be contained within a man-made bottle.

There is wonderful research by Dr. Edward Close on the amazing ability of essential oils to kill toxic molds. You can read all about it and see his research at www.moldrx4u.com. In a nutshell, his wife was into using essential oils, and he was an engineer who specialized in mold removal from buildings. Over time, they documented the amazing ability of essential oils, specifically Thieves Blend by Young Living, to not only kill mold but to destroy the mold spores, as well as continue to reduce future regrowth of the molds. There is not one toxic chemical on the market today that can compare to the essential oil blend of Thieves.

If you have a mold problem in your home, or even if you suspect that you do, I highly recommend diffusing Thieves in your home. There are many types of diffusers, and, if you were trying to kill mold, I would certainly use TheraPro Diffuser from Young Living. This diffuser puts pure essential oil directly into the air. I have always believed that diffusing Thieves in a home reduced allergies and now I know why. By reducing molds in the environment, certainly allergic symptoms will be reduced.

Since I was first introduced to Young Living, I have diffused Thieves Essential Oils in my home. I have had great experiences with it and love the smell of Thieves. I also use Thieves when I am traveling on a plane. I put a drop on my finger and put it under my noise. It kills all bacteria and fungi so I do not catch anything that is flying around in the air on the plane. It stings a little, but is an amazing product. I feel strongly that all the Thieves products contribute to my excellent health over the years.

A great tip: If you diffuse 7 milliliters of Thieves Essential Oil with the TheraPro Diffuser just once a month in your bathroom, you will greatly reduce or eliminate mold growth on the tile grout! Less scrubbing!!! Yay!

So get out your Thieves and start diffusing. It will work wonders.

younglivingTo purchase Thieves and other Young Living products, contact Sharon Quercioli via email at sharon@owwmedia.com.

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