What You Need To Know About Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.

Different types of collagen can be found everywhere in our body, in our tendons, heart, nails, hair, skin, gums, eyes, joints and blood vessels. Excluding the body’s water content, proteins (molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen) make up about 45% of a person’s weight. Collagen makes up for about 75% of all proteins, namely 30% of “dry” body weight. This fact alone attributes collagen great significance to the human body.

Collagen is the “glue” that keeps our body tissue and cells together and prevents it from falling apart, hence its name, which is derived from the Greek word kolla meaning glue.IC Collage

If for some reason our body stops producing collagen, a grave disease occurs that two centuries ago plagued sailors on long journeys: scurvy, that is, the body falling apart due to vitamin C deficiency. When lacking vitamin C, the body is unable to produce collagen. As a result, the body starts to disintegrate with blood vessels suffering the first blow.

Surely no one would want to suffer collagen production problems. But as years go by, the body ages, skin begins to lose its elasticity and clarity; muscles and joints start losing their flexibility. As a result, less and less collagen is produced. After the age of 30, collagen production is reduced by 1-1.5% a year with evident consequences, especially to the skin.

Lack of collagen often causes fatigue, pain and overall reduction of physical performance. Numerous illnesses that come with age, such as osteoarthritis, are closely related to the levels of collagen in the body.

Whole Body Cryotherapy greatly (i.e., 300% to 500%) enhances the body’s collagen production (our own naturally-produced collagen, not a chemical substitute).

Thus, we can benefit from all positive effects to our skin, joints, tendons and muscles while also helping our body to keep fresh and flexible.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the only known modality that accomplishes this extraordinary response in the human body and without any collateral damage to the body…meaning no adverse side effects such as can be caused by drugs or surgery.

iceland Cryo is the first and only Whole Body Cryotherapy office in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. We are located at the County Line Plaza in Tequesta. For additional information, please email me at: info@icelandcryo.com or call (561) 315-3434.

Yours for good health,
Edison Kiela, iceland Cryo, Owner & Operator


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