Rekindling the Spark

Happy Coupleby Sandra Frens

As Valentine’s Day approaches most of us are scurrying about in an attempt to come up with a romantic gesture for our beloved.  Romance should never be put on reserve for just one day, but for many of us that’s what seems to happen. These considerations of romance tend to permeate less and less of our routines the longer we have been in a relationship.  In the beginning most couples tend to have that fire between them; as time passes the love remains, but the passion just seems to fizzle. 

So what can you do to rekindle the spark?  For advice on this I asked my great aunt and uncle who have been married for over 65 years and still act like a couple of teenagers in love.  What they told me could be boiled down to four key points:

Good communication between each other:

This entails not just listening and responding to each other, but not expecting your partner to be a mind reader.  Tell each other your wants, needs and frustrations so you can find ways to work things out.

Make some time for each other:

Spend some quality time together enjoying an activity together.  Even if it is something only your partner enjoys, occasionally showing your support of their fun can bring you closer.  Yet, be sure that you give yourselves some time apart too.  Absents really does make the heart grow fonder.

Physical closeness with each other:

An act as simple as holding hands or sleeping the same bed can make all the difference in the world.  Being physically close to your partner brings you emotionally close to your partner.

Spontaneous gestures of love and thoughtfulness:

Just do something nice for your partner.  There doesn’t need to be a special occasion to let your partner know you are thinking about them.

In this technologic filled age with all its distractions and trappings it can be very hard to follow these four points of keeping romance alive.  This is especially true when it comes to making time for each other, but there are measures we can take to keep the spark burning bright.  Mark a day on calendar (one you both will view on a regular basis) a day which the two of you can spend the whole day together.  Having it planned in your schedule will make it easier to keep the date.  Occasionally you may find yourselves in a rut on what to do on your dates.  If this happens look into getting some Love Coupons.  Love Coupons consist of various date ideas and romantic gestures you can do for your partner.  They are a great way to get some variety back into your relationship and bring back the spontaneity.

If you are looking for fun and exceptionally cute Love Coupons with some great date ideas, check out the Sprouts! website.  Their Love Coupons really allow you to sow the seeds of love, because they are created from seed paper that grows into wildflowers when planted!  They also have another product that can help show your beloved your romantic thoughts even if you cannot see each other often, Messages of Love.  Messages of Love are 31 messages that promote a loving thought you can share with your partner.  They are great for slipping in a briefcase, leaving on a pillow, packing with a lunch or anywhere your partner can find a share your loving thoughts.  After receiving them, plant them and literally grow your garden of love together!

As you can see it takes some creativity, but rekindling the spark is possible.  It just means the two of you have to take some steps and make sometime to achieve that level of romance again.

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